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ODDS & ENDS * SKELETON SKETCHES  by  John Berbrich                                                                                 #104  February 2016


CHUM by Mark Spitzer: This 227-page novel is not for the squeamish.  The descendants of Irish criminals are living on a nameless island in the Bering Strait, surrounded by huge gloomy nature.  They are drunks, fishermen, & whores, living in the worst of all possible worlds, a place of boring hopeless drudgery, unkind & violent climate, & mean stupid & sickly people.  Into this scubby stew please drop one Hollywood porn queen?then stand back & watch the fun.  Originally published by Zoland Books, Chum is now available for $7 from BoneWorld Publishing @ 3700 County Route 24, Russell, New York 13684.

 BRIGHTLINE by Kari Tervo: In these highly textured, tantalizingly compelling poems, Kari explores the depths of light & darkness in the personal intersection of humanity & the universe.  She's accepting, she's curious, & she prefers to be positive, despite everything.  These poems are accessible enough to invite you in & are complex enough to invite you back.  Brightline is only 12 pages but it's a solid, small collection in the ye olde photocopier tradition that includes lots of illustrations.  For a copy, send $3.00 (includes postage) to Kari @ Sweet Mayhem Zinery, PO Box 7831 Beverly Hills, California 90212.

LAB FINDINGS: Published by a fellow named Kobb (who may be a former mad scientist), issue #4 includes his perambulations to local thrift shops, brief reviews of TV shows & creepy movies, a hypothesis regarding the possibility of using human remains as possible future bio-fuel, & more.  This zine is only six pages, but Kobb writes clear prose matched by clear thought, so the entertainment level is high.  I don't see a price but I figure if you send a buck & a nice note to Kobb Labs @ PO Box 30231 Pensacola, Florida 32503 he'll send you something worthwhile in return.

SOMNAMBULIST #25: This zine's been running for years, although Martha Grover (sole writer, illustrator, editor, publisher) calls it a Serial Chapbook.  The Somnambulist has been chronicling the up-&-down course of Martha's life for quite some time.  In 33 pages & in fairly small print, #25 follows her adventures working as a compensation claims investigator.  In order to get the job she needs to pass a Private Investigator test.  This is where the fun starts.  By the end, Martha considers a lot of moral & ethical questions.  For a copy of the PI issue, send $5.00 to Martha Grover @ PO Box 14871 Portland, Oregon 97293.  

NERVE COWBOY #33: One of the undoubted stalwarts of the small press, Nerve Cowboy #33 serves up 60 pages of vivid, funny, poignant poetry.  Some of my favorites from this issue are by Heather Abner, Neal Zirn, Michael Flanagan, Lesa Williams, Tony Gloeggler, John Grey, Charles Rammelkamp, Gregory Liffick, & wonderful work by Desire Oliver.  NC is edited by Joe Shields, Jerry Hagins, & Elissa Yeates.  A sample can be yours for only $7.00, & that includes postage.  Send a check & a batch of poems to the editors @ PO Box 4973 Austin, Texas 78765.  Copiously illustrated as well. 

STAR*LINE: The future is coming & you can read about it in Star*Line, the journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association.  A quarterly that's been around for 38 years, the Spring 2015 Issue includes 40 pages of out-of-this-universe poetry by people like Sonny James Traylor, Ann K. Schwader, Robert Borski, Jessy Randall, Steven B. Katz, Alan Ira Gordon, Cathy Douglas, Matthew Wilson, & Bobbie Lovell, & these are just a few of my favorites.  Here's an entire short poem by William Cullen Jr. titled "Driving 80 MPH at Night": "late health premium / his google contact lenses / begin to dissolve."  AND you"ll find intelligent commentary by editor F.J. Bergmann & SFPA President Bryan D. Dietrich, plus curiously excerpted small press book reviews, a few illustrations, & a thoughtful review of non-genre magazines by Denise Dumars.  A whole congeries of mutants, aliens, technology-run-amok populate the poems.  Check the website for details on submission guidelines & sample copies.

WALK WRITE UP: This is a new bi-monthly magazine published in Brooklyn, New York.  Walk Write Up is basically a lot of fun.  August 2015 is "The Adventure Issue," 24 pages of poems, short prose, & illustrations that range from adolescent poignant to totally bizarre.  There"s a deliciously weird attitude here--anything can happen within these pages.  My favorites from the current issue are actually written by editors Philip Santos Schaffer, Audrey Frischman, & especially Laura Been.  You can get a sample for only $3.00.  For info on samples & submissions, plus updates on the current theme, check out their Facebook page or go to the brand-new website @  They've got a good thing going.

POPULAR REALITY: Someone sent me this odd duck of a zine, 24 photocopied pages of ads, articles, & collages.  It's artistic, it's funny, it's surreal.  It's colorful too, & the writing is curiously & surprisingly seductive, leading you along to discover what you didn't know about ancient Catalan philosopher & all-around smart guy Ramon Llull.  Then there's sex w/ Clarissa & an article about poets making as much dough as sports figures.  I found names in here I hadn't seen in years, including Blaster Al Ackerman, Malok, & the fine essayist Jim Sullivan.  This issue is called "Special Report, Volume 786, #31."  Only $3.00 for a sample.  I really had to dig, but I think the editor is Susan Poe.  The address is PO Box 18 Poultney Vermont 05764.  Like I said, only 3 bucks.  Take a chance.

NICE DISTINCTIONS #28: This is a 6-page newsletter, written & published now & then by Arthur D. Hlavaty, a Posthumanist & a "Great Society Liberal" w/ a global focus & a delightfully stabbing sense of humor.  In #28, Hlavaty gets all political, understandable in an Election Year.  He admits that he read the plot summary of the new Star Wars movie on Wikipedia before actually watching the film; Arthur says he finds "story suspense a discomfort no more edifying than excretory urgency."  He also writes about the recently deceased (a standard feature) & includes a really sweet send-off to Yogi Berra (always my favorite Yankee).  Send a buck to Arthur @ 206 Valentine Street, Yonkers, New York 10704-1814 for a copy of the next ND.