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John Berbrich: The World Boneblog #8

Posted by BoneWorld Publishing on December 26, 2010 at 7:37 PM

I was good in 2010.  As proof I offer the fact that Santa delivered to me, quite as a surprise, a set of acrylic paints, a sketchbook, like two dozen brushes, & six small canvases.  My first creation was painted on Christmas Day.  I call it "Future," & it's rather bleak.

Not much to say.  Holidays are a nasty, brutish time.  I'm paraphrasing Thomas Hobbes here, & he was talking about something else.  I rather like the holidays, if they are kept in their proper place. 

Right now I'm working on my Resolutions for 2011.  This is an annual challenge for me.  It's an attempt to balance my life into a highwire of scheduled events w/ plenty of wiggle-room for spontaneous fun & inspiration.  Too much schedule, we become automatons.  Too much spontaneity, nothing gets done.  At least w/ myself.  Hence the Resolutions.

So anyway--have a Happy New Year!  And be good.  You too may earn acrylics next year!

soundtrack: The Buzzcocks

beverage: Saranac caramel porter

weather: light sporadic snow

miscellaneous: mst3k

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Reply Karen Douglass
12:14 AM on February 3, 2011 
I've been trying to email you about an acceptance for BY, but Gmail can't seem to deliver it. I keep getting a delay message. Please take me out of your spam box or wherever my bio keeps ending up. It's a dead end. Yawp!
Reply CEE
7:05 AM on December 31, 2010 
It's nearly dawn, here, John. A night of celebratory revelry @ my friend's, comes to a rainy end (which is fine, because we kept blasting an LP recording of Gen Geo. B. McClellan's 1864 campaign song, and I think we kept others awake...fortunately, police in Central IL don't like to leave their cars in inclement weather). I again surf with her (my friend's) permission, and wanted to bop on by and say, Thank You. The fresh, edited hard copy will be on its way with the New Year, just as soon as mom-in-law infuses us with stamps (I had tons, and vintage, too, but when Leah released "The Cannon-Fixers' Picnic" last week, I bottomed out in a postcard campaign.
Let me tell you sincerely, it was good to talk with you...even if I seem to have lost the art of any conversation but alternating monologues. Except for the nailhard no-nonsense that only a New Yorker can possess, I found you to be head and beard above more than a few editors I've come across (some of whom, conversely, really liked Me). I want to say, I'm psyched, working with you again, and especially glad "tomB Baby" is to be one of the few, the proud for 2011. Salaam, salaam, boss. You can count on me. I'm not even above reducing to Renfield. That's how much of an ego junkie *I* am.
I've gotta sleep, if it would stop The Hell raining. It's only a block-and-a-half home, but, I'm made of brown sugar. Like Margaret Hamilton.
Must dash. Thanks again. Watch the mails.