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A Boneblog from the Intern (Numero Dos)

Posted by BoneWorld Publishing on June 10, 2012 at 8:00 PM

Well, this will be my second attempt at this blog entry.

Oh, the joys of traveling. An hours worth of work just gone!

Now that I have some icecream in my stomach I think that I have the patience to reattempt, so enjoy! :-)

Here is me in D.C. ... only moments away from the Rock the Mall event!

Yesterday was a long day needless to say. I think I walked about ten miles yesterday, now my knees are swollen and my feet, oh and my back is not feeling to hot either, but enough complaining! Let me tell you about some of the cool things we did.

During the event the girls favorite part was the SWAPS. SWAPS are Special Whatchamicallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere, there was tons of cute things. A lot of them were made about the area they are from, some birthday oriented, some just cool things. I made pink glittery stars that say "Girl Scouts Makes Stars" (cause we do! I'm a living example :-D) After you have made a whole bunch you take them and trade them with people. Some of the adults also participated in a Quilt Swap, we spent a lot of time making sqaures that all looked the same that we could "swap" with others.

After all that it was pretty hot for the girls, we are from Northern NY! I am pretty sure I am the only one who enjoyed the heat. I never realized that I missed it after moving back to NY a year ago. Kind of makes me wonder about my grad school goals... In Alaska!

We also went to a couple of the museums. The girls favorite was the Museum of Natural History where we were able to go into a butterfly atrium.

There were so many butterflies that were so amazing. They were so colorful I wish I could post all the pictures that I have but there is just so many! All the girls were amazed that they were so close to the butterflies. Some were even landing on us! My mother absolutely loves butterflies and she had two of them on her hat at one point... Here's a pic of me with one on my shirt! SO COOL!

The little bugger didn't want to leave me! But, he had to, we needed to get the girls to a nice shady location so my mother and I could do some more walking to Hard Rock Cafe to get everyone's dinners. At first I was a little bummed, my feet didn't want to be in my shoes anymore but, once I got there it was SO worth it because...


I almost died of a mild heart attack, my heart palpitated quite a bit, woooo, I <3 Prince so much.

I will definitely get into more music in later blogs... I know you have some really good concert stories!

If you were in D.C. yesterday you definitely saw a lot of Girl Scouts of all ages, young and old.

When I took this I was standing near the Washington Monument, there was this amount of people from every direction. It was breathtaking how many people there was! Right after I took this I then laid down to take one of my favorite photographs I took!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend like all these girls did!

And don't forget the Challenge, email me all of your Girl Scout stories ( I want to hear all the good and the bad ones, gritty, or not! Send them my way!


The Intern - Erica K.


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Reply CEE
4:38 PM on December 31, 2012 
...and, The Bad Penny (Lincoln? Nawwww!) returns.
John. Please check your email. And, as for you folks surfing, please buy something, Anything, not necessarily My book, and support the independent press movement!

Again. John. Check your email. Again. Clickers. BUY.
Reply CEE
1:25 PM on July 31, 2012 
At this risk of taking liberties with what is supposed to be a blog of interest, Erica, I'm writing...and will from email, too, in a inquire re: my PayPal order of 7/14. To be specific, I ordered a whopping *9* copies of tomB Baby (with Hot Robert Toddy)--and while I'm at it, just a note to the folks out there, I really AM a helluva poet, if I do say so myself...and I Do say so myself--and this whopping *9* should actually be a whopping *15*, as negotiated with John long ago, per writer's discount (I know this is stream of consciousness, but I assume you've studied Joyce).
Well, to cut it sweet, me have not received my order of 7/14 (it's 7/31, as I write), and if I read the blog correctly, you seem to have been designated "get out the backed-up orders person", so thought I'd give you a head's up. As I say, will email John in a moment.
Normally, I'd be more patient. tomB Baby itself was years in the releasing. But am compiling sets for library archives (yes, folks, he's THAT GOOD), and given my health as well, it's kind of a timing thing., you know. If you'd look into it. In between monuments. Please.
CEE (Genius)