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A Boneblog from the Intern (Her First Entry)

Posted by BoneWorld Publishing on June 8, 2012 at 9:50 PM

Well Good Evening BoneWorld!

As John has introduced me as enthusiastic, and a hater of cabbage... that hate is more like a passion of despise. I seriously HATE cabbage. But anyways, he also did state that I get around. As we speak I am sitting in the car at a Girl Scout camp somewhere in Maryland. I have my IPOD cranked, a converter with my laptop plugged in as well as a wireless box. I guess you can't really call that camping but about 15 yards away are 29 other Girl Scouts sleeping on the wooden floors of old cabins with their sleeping bags and flash lights after a long but exciting day. A really LONG day.

We left Northern NY today around 6am with quite a few stops for my likings but what do you expect when 22 of those girls are from Kindergarten to Senior in highschool? One of the girls in the vehicle that I am helping drive is actually a puker as well... Not the best thing. Our first stop was at Indian Echo Caverns in Pennsylvania near Hersey Park. Although I have seen some gorgeous caverns and in my opinion these were not the best but we did hear some interesting stories. Whose heard of the "Pennsylvania Hermit" before? I can say I am extremely interested in reading up about this man who actually made the caverns his home!

This is one of the photos from the caverns, this is one of the lakes within the cavern. The water was SO clear, nondrinkable but absolutely gorgeous.

This picture is of starting from the left... My beautiful neice, she is on her first year of Daisies, then me, I am a Daisy Leader at the moment but on my eigtheenth year of scouting, and last my amazing mother who made this possible. Including her years as a Guide in Canada and a Junior Leader in the States she has twenty-five years of scouting this year! We are part of the now NYPENN Pathways Council, formerly part of the Thousand Islands Council.

I should probably tell you about why we have embarked on this three day journey shouldn't I? Do we have any fellow or former Girl Scouts out there? 2012 is the 100th Birthday of Girl Scouting, so my mother planned a trip to Washington D.C. to attend the Rock the Mall Sing-A-Long Event. All over Washington will be tons of different things tomorrow so if you are in the area check it out. I am one of the few whose been to this area so I am extremely excited to show these girls of all ages all the sites of our capital and hopefully some museums as well as the singing events.

So can I give you all a challenge? I want to hear some Girl Scout Stories... what is your favorite Girl Scout memory, or maybe the worst? Tell me some stories (email to: Make sure you include what council you were/are apart of and how many years of scouting you have done. I want to make a blog of my favorite three stories!

Have a great weekend! I am sure I will have more to share tomorrow after spending the day in D.C.!

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