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John Berbrich: The World Boneblog #8

Posted by BoneWorld Publishing on December 26, 2010 at 7:37 PM Comments comments (2)

I was good in 2010.  As proof I offer the fact that Santa delivered to me, quite as a surprise, a set of acrylic paints, a sketchbook, like two dozen brushes, & six small canvases.  My first creation was painted on Christmas Day.  I call it "Future," & it's rather bleak.

Not much to say.  Holidays are a nasty, brutish time.  I'm paraphrasing Thomas Hobbes here, & he was talking about something else.  I rather like the holidays, if they are kept in their proper place. 

Right now I'm working on my Resolutions for 2011.  This is an annual challenge for me.  It's an attempt to balance my life into a highwire of scheduled events w/ plenty of wiggle-room for spontaneous fun & inspiration.  Too much schedule, we become automatons.  Too much spontaneity, nothing gets done.  At least w/ myself.  Hence the Resolutions.

So anyway--have a Happy New Year!  And be good.  You too may earn acrylics next year!

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John Berbrich: The World Boneblog #7

Posted by BoneWorld Publishing on December 5, 2010 at 4:39 PM Comments comments (0)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Okay, here is the official tally on our nominations for the next Pushcart Prize, chosen by the good Pushcart people in April of next year.  If we don't hear by May, then it looks like we've lost...again....

Anyway, the nominees are: Julie Ann August for her marvelous story "The Cultivator" in the January 2010 issue of Barbaric Yawp. 

Pamela Klein for her heavy poem "Testing Gravity," in the April Yawp.

John Grey for his light-fingered poem "Shoplifter in the Police Station" in the July issue.

And three pieces from the October Yawp: Jeff Grimshaw for his humorous/surreal story "Vinnie's New Job," Jackie Bartley for her poem "Lot's Wife Reckons Time," & Scott Blackwell for his poem "My Space."

Good luck to one & all.  If I hear anything more, I'll update in a future blog.

That's the big news.  We've also made some decisions on the chapbooks for 2011, & those authors will be notified individually.  Thanks to all for supporting the small press.

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John Berbrich: The World Boneblog #6

Posted by BoneWorld Publishing on November 28, 2010 at 6:42 PM Comments comments (0)

What a Sunday!  We've gone through all the chapbook submissions & have made most of our selections.  Letters will go out this week.  And last Tuesday (irrelevant detail) we made our picks for this year's prestigious Pushcart Prize.  Once all the nominees have been notified I'll post the names in a future blog.  As publishers we're allowed to nominate no more than six pieces each year for the Prize.  We've never had a winner, so maybe this year will break the jinx! 

What else?  So far our new Barbaric Yawp features--"Ask John & Nancy" (trashy advice column) & the "Mailbag" (letters to the editor)--have been popular w/ the readers I've heard from.  Born under a bad sign?  Trouble w/ your love life?  Ask John & Nancy.  We'll give you the straight answers.  Got a gripe?  Just wanna vent?  Send a letter & we'll print it in the Mailbag.  Share your valuable insights w/ the rest of our readers. 

Anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes processes here in BoneWorld should check out our brief videos under Flailing Skeletons, on the webpage.  See how we put the magazine in order!  Discover the truth about...well, check out the video & you'll see. 

Bye all.

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John Berbrich: The World Boneblog #5

Posted by BoneWorld Publishing on November 21, 2010 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Advertising works!  Just two weeks ago I posted our great Clearance Sale offer of $2 for a sample copy of Barbaric Yawp, & that includes the postage.  Well, we've already sold one!!  But we've plenty more so don't wait.  Order your 1/2-price copy of Barbaric Yawp today!

We haven't quite gotten to our Pushcart Prize picks yet, but we've scheduled a big meeting for Tuesday night to make final decisions.  Again, I will announce our selections right here, plus each chosen writer will be notified by mail or by e-mail.   And the picks for next year's MuscleHead Press chapbooks will be forthcoming SOON.  We have a lot to choose from, just so you know.

Oh yes, we saw the poet Jericho Brown at Hurley's on the campus of Potsdam State the other night.  What an excellent, passionate poet.  So serious, yet during the Q & A session afterwards, he was so funny. 

And that's all for now.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!



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John Berbrich: The World Boneblog #4

Posted by BoneWorld Publishing on November 7, 2010 at 8:43 PM Comments comments (2)

Another four months hath passed.  Well, three & a half.  I swear on the blood of my German & Polish ancestors that I'll visit this blog & add to it w/ increased frequency.  Okay.  Things are going well in BoneWorld.  For everyone waiting for the October issue, we've just finished printing them this weekend & I'll commence to mail the sweethearts out soon.  I love the new cover.  And the contents have a particularly varied tone & style.  You'll see what I mean.  The Mailbag has become a popular new feature, as well as our trashy new advice column, Ask John & Nancy. 

CLEARANCE SALE!!!  For a limited time, all sample copies of Barbaric Yawp will go for $2.00 each, & yes that includes postage.  Check the Webstore for details.  You can pay via PayPal or send us a check or two bones in the mail.  Don't pass up this great opportunity.

What else?  Later on this month our complete board & staff (me & Nancy) will make final decisions on next year's chapbooks, so if you've submitted a manuscript for chapbook consideration please be patient.  You'll hear something soon.  We've got quite a pile to choose from.  And we're making our selections for this year's Pushcart Prize.  The winners are chosen in April but we have to get our picks in by December 1st.  I'll announce right here in the blog who our selections are.  

And that's it.  A big THANK YOU to all of our marvelous (& judicious) contributors & subscribers.  Got a question, a gripe, or an observation?  Contact me at the e-mail address below.  Have a sweet week.  Bye.

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John Berbrich: The World Boneblog #3

Posted by BoneWorld Publishing on July 18, 2010 at 7:47 PM Comments comments (0)

Yeah, now four months later....

Hey, big news to all our readers in the NYC Metro area.  BoneWorld authors Francine Witte & Thaddeus Rutkowski will give a reading together tomorrow night, that's Monday, July 19th, at 7:00, at the Nightengale Lounge on the corner of 13th Street & 2nd Avenue, in dear old Manhattan.  Francine is quite an accomplished poet, although she's mostly known for her flash fiction.  And Thaddeus, well, the guy is a reader of great intensity, poetry or prose.  Kinky, too.  If you get a chance, check this show out.

And, although no one's complained, I'll try to keep up this blog better.  In fact, we are making tentative plans for an actual BoneWorld vlog.  So keep your eyes open, cuz we might swing the camera on YOU.

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John Berbrich: The World Boneblog #2

Posted by BoneWorld Publishing on March 8, 2010 at 7:53 PM Comments comments (0)

I had planned to update this blog every couple of weeks, & here it's been two months. 

I guess the big news in BoneWorld is that Nancy Henry's poem, "People Who Take Care," will be republished by Longman Publishers, a division of Pearson Education, in what will be a fat (1,256 pages) college textbook, focusing on literature & the writing process, set for publication soon.  We published this poem in Nancy's chapbook, Hard, back in 2003.  So Longman needed our permission to reprint it.  And this was the poem that Garrison Keillor read on his Writer's Almanac radio show a couple of years ago.  Keillor also required our permission.  Nancy Henry is a great poet & I'm glad she's getting some recognition.

Among other news, Dave Christy of Alpha Beat Press died a few weeks back.  I don't have any other details.  Dave & his wife Ana had run Alpha Beat & a variety of broadsides for many years. Their publications were low-budget photocopier creations: big on invention, w/ no attention paid to gloss & glitter.  He will surely be missed.

In happier news, Steve Henn says that the big poetry reading he gave in Chicago last month went over real well. 

I gotta go.  More next time.

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John Berbrich: The World Boneblog #1

Posted by BoneWorld Publishing on January 6, 2010 at 8:01 PM Comments comments (2)

Okay, I'm settling into this blog thing.  What a curious word, blog, apparently a shortened version of the original "web log".  We spent the Christmas holiday in Virginia.  Two highlights.  Saw the film Avatar at the IMAX in Hampton, Virginia.  What an experience, my first time at an IMAX; the nearest one to us here in northern New York is roughly a two-hour drive.  I found Avatar simply overwhelming, both visually & audially.  David Denby, a reliable movie reviewer for the New Yorker, calls it "the most beautiful film I've seen in years."  I quite agree.  Highlight #2, of the negative variety, featured a seriously clogged traffic jam on the Washington D.C. Beltway.  We moved five miles in five hours.  I could have crawled faster, backwards.  But I learned something.  While stuck w/ thousands of other static vehicles on the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge (an actual drawbridge) I had the opportunity to gaze north at the city.  I realized that DC looks like no other American city, simply because it has no tall buildings, exactly zero.  And I realized a moment later exactly why.  It's because if you built even a few glass & steel skyscrapers, they would totally dwarf the Capitol & all the other government buildings, & that just would not do.  The city had a sort of flattened Mediterranean look, the huddled buildings swarming over the crests of the gentle hills.  Absolutely nothing vertical about it.

One thing to look out for--Steve Henn, author of Subvert the Dominant Paradigm!, will be participating in a poetry reading at the famous Green Mill Jazz Club on North Broadway Avenue in Chicago on Sunday, January 17th.  That's at 7:00.  Be there to cheer Steve on!

We're still working on the January Barbaric Yawp.  Despite a few unfortunate & unexpected reversals w/ our technology, we hope to have the issue ready before the end of the month.

And that's it for Boneblog #1.  I hope to show up here two or three times each month w/ news, highlights, & odd bits.  Be well.  Oh, all the best for 2010.

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SLAP-HAPPY / John Berbrich: the gazebo

Posted by BoneWorld Publishing on June 21, 2009 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (5)

Isn't that a great word, Gazebo?  It sure is, & that's where the next SLAP meeting will be held, this Tuesday @ 6:30, June 23rd, 2009, at the Gazebo in Ives Park in Potsdam.  If you don't know where the Park is, look past the parking lot directly across from the Roxy Theater & keep walking.  And bring your assignment, which is to write a soliloquy, as though you were a character in a play, like Hamlet or Lear.  But write your soliloquy in a poetic style, like sweet Willy the Shakes.  The Gazebo is covered so who cares if it rains?

Oh, & the SLAP poetry newsletter for June is available.  You can pick up a free copy at selected sites in Canton like the Partridge Cafe & the Blackbird Potsdam at the Fields (if it's still open), Creative Spirit Art Center, & the St. Lawrence County Arts Council....& in Norwood at selected locations (look around).  As usual, I am always looking for new poems, so if you have some you'd like to share in a future newsletter, send them to me at [email protected]  Always like to hear from readers too, just to say hi.

I've gotta go now & write my soliloquy, really I don't have a clue.  See you all Tuesday.  Everyone is invited.

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