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Barbaric Yawp

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Magazine: quarterly; digest-sized; 44 pages; matte cover stock. Established 1997. Circ. 120.

"We publish what we like. Fiction should include some bounce and surprise. Our publication is intended for the intelligent, open-minded reader." 

Needs: adventure, experimental, fantasy (science, sword and sorcery), historical, horror, literary, mainstream, psychic/supernatural/occult, regional, religious/ inspirational, science fiction (hard, soft/sociological)."We don't want any pornography, gratuitous violence or whining."

"Don't give up. Read much, write much, submit much. Observe closely the world around you. Don't borrow ideas from TV or films. Revision is often necessary--grit your teeth and do it. Never fear rejection.

 Send Submissions to 3700 County Route 24, Russell, NY 13684. Please don't forget to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for our reply.



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